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Surprise Engagement!

Surprise engagement shoots are a lot of fun because of the energy and excitement of the soon to be engaged couple. I had the pleasure of shooting the engagement of Vince and Aarti in the fall. 

The setting was classic; Millennium Park. Their closest friends were invited and the weather couldn't have been better. Since it was a public venue, I was able to blend into the surroundings as if I was just another photographer in the park.

As the moment approached I could tell Vince was excited and a little nervous. He had a box on a bench waiting for her with a card and a fake ring box. She was sent on a scavenger hunt all day so she was looking for the next clue when she came upon the box. 

Vince was hiding around the corner and after she had a chance to read everything he came out and got down on one knee. It was a magical moment and one I was glad to capture for them. Of course she said yes and is now soon to be a Mrs. 

If you or your friends are getting engaged and would like to capture the moment, give me a call and let's talk through the details. I'd love to help make your day that much more magical.

Chicago Zombie March 2012

I finally had a chance to check out the annual Chicago Zombie March a few weeks ago and I was impressed by the creativity, organization, and downright playfulness of the zombies.  I talked with a few of the participants and apparently there were more than 2,000 people that RSVPd for the event.

The event had all kinds of zombies and the amount of time and thought that went into the costumes was really cool.  The zombies started at The Bean at Millenium Park and marched through the city.  I only stayed for the main congregation and saw off the crowd.  For some reason I love everything to do with zombies and this was a fun way for me to live out my own Walking Dead without worrying about being bitten or ambushed by a bunch of infected dead.  Kind of fun if you ask me.

The zombies weren't just kids either.  There were whole zombie families, zombie husbands and wives, and even naughty zombies.  I'm thinking that next year I might have to participate :).  I'm not sure that I have the time or patience to put on all that blood and to get dressed up.  Maybe I'll just photograph it again. :)

Of course this whole march took place in the middle of one of the busiest places in Chicago for tourists and weddings.  While the zombies were congregating, a wedding party showed up to take pictures by The Bean.  I'm not sure if the bride was amused or horrified but they took a few pictures with the zombies and The Bean in the background.  Pretty funny if you ask me. I'm sure those pictures are going to go right on the cover of the wedding album.

It was a lot of fun to see the excitement and all the people who came out to participate in the event.  Apparently there is group that puts on more than a few events per year (who knew).  You can visit for more information.  If you get a chance to check out the 2013 march I highly recommend it.  It's one of those things that you only get to experience in a big city.