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Chicago From Above - The Field Museum

I’ve been really enjoying my DJI Mavic Air this past year and I’m working on some more interesting aerial shots of Chicago. Attached is an image I took over by the Field Museum on a nice summer day. I can’t wait to get the drone back up in the air to see what else I can capture in this amazing city I call home!

Drone Over Chicago's Grant Park

Drones are pretty amazing little tools. They can fly for miles, shoot 4k video and shoot raw images. I've been shooting some random B roll of Chicago and thought I would put together a little video to share with everyone. I expect to do more of these little videos in the upcoming months. Enjoy!

North Avenue Drone Flight

I still get butterflies when I fire up my DJI Phantom. It may be because I like to fly in locations where the drone is at danger and may result in a expensive piece of machinery in a lake or ocean. Either way, what fun is it to fly if you aren't going to go to cool locations? This Saturday was no exception. A windy overcast sunrise and I've got this badboy way out over the water. I've been to the location a lot of times but I'm still trying to capture the image I have in my head. The footage is fun to watch so enjoy. 

North Avenue Beach - Drone-1.jpg