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What Are Snapseed Looks?

As phones have become better cameras more people have turned to mobile software to edit their photos. There are a bunch of utilities out there but for today I’m going to focus on Snapseed which is owned by Google. Snapseed was originally developed by Nik Software which had some of the greatest photoshop plugins. I was sad to see them purchase by Google and see Google abandon the software. But the good news is they were recently purchased by DxO and they have resumed development. Long story short, these guys are not a fly by night shop. They come from building world class photo editing software.

If you’ve ever used Adobe Lightroom or similar software you know you can create presets for certain looks and save them. This is a great time saving technique so that you can replicate a certain look without having to go through all the steps. Snapseed Looks are just that but for Snapseed. But how do you install them? In Adobe you have to install new presets and then restart the app. What is super cool about Snapseed is that each look is a QR code. You simply click the icon at the top to show the edits.


Next you click the QR Look


And finally, click Scan QR Look.


As you may or may not know, I took almost my entire portfolio and recreated these looks from my original Adobe Lightroom files. I know sell my own Snapseed Looks as a package for $3. It helps me fund the site and drink some coffee :). I’ve included one of the looks below so you can try it out for yourself. If you like it or found this helpful, I’d love if you pick up the full Snapseed Looks package or my book The Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Chicago. Thanks for coming by!

Thomas Campone Photography - Look 4.jpeg