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Lincoln Park Zoolights

Every year the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago puts on a light festival that they call Zoo Lights.  The festival runs around the Christmas holiday and the zoo decorates the ground with lights that are timed to music.  The night that I went it was very cold and most of the animals were inside but I can imagine if it was warmer out that the animals would be in their cages.  

Santa is at Lincoln Park Zoo Lights!

Santa is at Lincoln Park Zoo Lights!

The Zoo has lots of holiday figures such as Santa and of course his reindeer.  I'm not sure exactly how many lights the zoo decorates with but both the amount and the quality of the presentation is impressive.  Lincoln Park Zoolights is a great way to celebrate the Christmas holiday season.  Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the only remaining free zoos in the country so if you attend please support the zoo through buying their concessions and souvenirs .  If you are in Lincoln Park around the holiday I would highly suggest taking a stroll through the zoo and enjoying the festivities. 

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