Chicago Food and Travel Photographer

Trey Ratcliff's Photo Walk Across The USA (Chicago)

On August 10th I had the pleasure of joining Trey Ratcliff's Photo Walk Across The USA Chicago stop. The event was a great success with what appeared to be 150-200 people attending. We started with a pre-walk reception with Trey taking the time to talk with everyone and take photos. I had a few minutes with him and expressed my gratitude for his work. He has been an inspiration to me for the past 5+ years. His work has inspired me and his story has inspired me to know that we all have the ability to find a passion and turn it into a career. 

After the pre-walk reception Trey got us started with a few words about his travels and his time in Chicago. They had this traveling PA system setup so that everyone could hear. They also had plenty of cameramen to document the event including a pilot for their DJI Inspire 1. 

Once we got moving we headed west from the Adler Planetarium down the lakefront. Every 10 minutes or so Trey would stop and talk a few minutes about what he was seeing and trying to shoot. We headed west to the Shedd Aquarium and then north west to along the lake to Buckingham Fountain. At that point I decided I had enough and headed home.

You can see the highlight video of the event below. I was impressed that they had the guts to fly the Inspire One around Buckingham Fountain in the dark with people around but maybe they had a permit :).