Chicago Food and Travel Photographer

Michigan Avenue Tulips

The city of Chicago does an outstanding job each year decorating the streets with seasonal plants and flowers. One of my favorite times of year is in the spring when the planters down Michigan Avenue are full with blooming tulips. The plantings go on for a couple of miles and stretch the Magnificent Mile all the way south to Roosevelt St. I've wanted to shoot the tulips for a couple of years but they are only in bloom for a week or two at the most and depending on the spring, they may not all bloom at the same time which makes for less than ideal photos. 

This year I finally got the perfect opportunity and I took it. We had a wonderful spring so all the tulips were open at the same time and I had a week day to get out and shoot. This cut down on the tourists that normally flock to the area and I was able to shoot for an hour uninterrupted. It's hard to explain what miles of fully bloomed tulips look like, but if you ever take a spring trip to Chicago, you won't be able to miss them.