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I'm Going to Iceland!

As the years go on, my travel list seems to grow rather than shrink. I’m 37 and in the last few years I’ve realized that I really need to make it a point to get out and travel the world each year otherwise I won’t come close to seeing all the places I want to see in this life. The last few years I’ve focused on the United States Southwest and West Coast. I was in Yosemite, Zion National park and Moab Utah (Arches National Park & Canyonlands National Park). Below is my current destination map not including all the locations I want to go to that are too small for a full pin.


My 2019 trip is set for Iceland. Myself and three friends are off on a 9 day adventure. We rented an amazing camper van that will sleep all four of us for the trip. In my normal fashion, I’ve over researched this trip and even bought a photography specific map. Below is the route we’ve agreed upon for the trip. I’m always excited to see the world and interact with new cultures. I’ve been around a lot of Western Europe and have loved every minute of it but this trip will definitely be different. We’ve timed the trip with the hopes of getting a glimpse of the northern lights. There is no guarantee that we will get to witness this amazing phenomenon but I sure hope we get lucky. I’m truly blessed that my wife has given me the green light to leave her home with our two boys and set off on this adventure. I’m still a few months away from this trip but I’m so excited to set off on this journey. If you’ve been to Iceland and have any suggestions of places I’ve missed. Please drop me a line and let me know what I should add to this route. Thanks for your support and cheers!

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Art Wolfe is a great teacher and a world class photographer. It's great to hear him talk about his adventures during his career and his perspective on the world. Most of us are afraid to crank the ISO up but Art shoots at ISO 5000 all the time. Makes me rethink how crazy I get with my settings.

by Thomas Campone