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I've Come a Long Way

When I look as my journey as a photographer I occasionally reflect on my work from years ago and sometimes I’m thrilled with it and other times I see how far I’ve come. I think we are all on a journey of some sort in our life. I’m a big proponent of the constant improvement philosophy. I find myself trying new methods to shoot and edit my images. Many times I fail but the constant struggle for improvement is what helps us get better as people and in our craft. I recently listened to a podcast in which a scientist said that the struggle is what produces the most important and nutrient rich portion of the plants we eat. I feel that this is similar for us as humans as well. Although the struggle is not easy, it is important for us to evolve and grow. I think it is this perspective while not easy, that helps us make it through to the other side and grow.

The image below is one of my portfolio shots from Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre Italy. At the time I shot this and edited it I was at a certain stage of my progression as a photographer. But after nearly 5 years of growing and learning I was able to revisit this image and make what I consider to be a drastic improvement. This growth has me appreciating the daily struggle to learn and grow throughout the years.

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