The Photographer's Guide to Capturing Chicago

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Less Research, More Shooting.

The Photographer's Guide to Capturing Chicago was written to help visitors and Chicago photographers find and capture the best locations in and around Chicago. The book describes various locations, how to get the shot and the best ways to access over 15 of the best locations in Chicago. Readers get access to final processed images, processing tips and maps for each location. Skip the research and get straight to shooting! 


While planning my last trip to Europe I spent hours researching the best locations where I wanted to shoot images. This included the locations, how to get there and what times were the best to shoot. During the process I researched to see if there were any photography specific guide books available that I could purchase and use during my trip. The search results were disappointing and the selection was almost non-existent. Since there were no good resources to purchase I spent hours researching the locations I wanted to shoot and coordinating maps and public transportation. 

When I arrived back at my home in Chicago I realized that there were people just like me trying to figure out when and where to shoot images in Chicago. This prompted me to compile all of the research and knowledge that I've accumulated over the last 10 years of shooting in Chicago. This book represents what I consider to be the best of the best locations to shoot in Chicago. I've not only provided the locations but explain all the details you need to get the shots you want to go home with. 

I wish I had a book like this available for each trip I've taken so that I can get the advice of a local without having to spend days researching each location. If you decide to purchase this book you will spend less time researching and more time shooting on your trip to Chicago. 

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About the Author


I picked up my first digital SLR in 2005 as a hobby. I've always been interested in photography as a way to document travel and life events, but I quickly became more interested in creating art that I love. Little did I know that this simple purchase would end up changing the way I see and interact with the world around me.

My photographic style attempts to show beautiful places in unique and fun ways. I'm inspired by strong subjects and I enjoy creating beautiful images that invoke emotion and intrigue with the viewer. Most importantly, I create images that I'm proud to hang on my wall and look at every day.